Friday, June 10, 2011

Brawny Man featured on Live with Regis and Kelly

Kelly compared The Bachelor and Ted McGinley to The Brawny Man today. I was quite surprised to see the resemblance between Ted and Brawny.
It's kind of corny but I just had to write to them.

Here's what I wrote in my email:

I was thrilled to see that you compared Ted McGinley to the Brawny Man on your show today .
I'm the illustrator that re-imagined the new Brawny Man. So, I do agree Ted McGinley does look like the Brawny Man (I don't watch The Bachelor so I can't comment on that guy).
I wish I could also say it was a self portrait.
However The Brawny Man was based on a number of men. Including George Clooney, but it was based mainly on a model that I used for the pose.
The final result is mainly a characterization that allows The Brawny Man to be unique.